Forty New Homes Coming to Downtown Winter Garden on S Lakeview Ave

Lakeview Village Estates is a new urban infill project in downtown Winter Garden located along S Lakeview Ave.  The community will back to W Lafayette Ave where it will have a retention pond along the rear.  Residents will enter the community via S Lakeview Ave.  The townhomes will front S Lakeview Ave with garage entrances on the interior of the community.

The developer and property owner, Lakeview Village LLC, has requested the city of Winter Garden rezone the 7.25 acre site from R-2 into a Planned Unit Development (PUD).  At completion, the proposed community will consist of 14 townhomes in three buildings along S Lakeview Ave and 26 single family homes on the interior of the community.  

In reviewing the plans for the community it appears that there 6 single family homes with front load garages. Pools can be seen in the back yard of some of these homes indicating the builder may offer swimming pools at build time. There will be no community pool.

The remaining 20 single family homes feature alley style garage entrances and front a linear park at the center of the community.  These homes will also feature large front porches.   

Pricing and expected timeframe for completion are not yet available.

If you would like updates on this community and similar communities in Winter Garden, be sure to leave us a message below!

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