What You Need To Know About The Upcoming Lake Reams Neighborhood

Here is the latest news about a neighborhood being built along Reams Road and Fiquette Road. The neighborhood would have 57 single-family homes, which was originally going to be 74. There was a little bit of concern back in 2019 stating that the development would have negative impacts to the wetlands on the property. The developer returned assuring they were willing to make adjustments to reduce the impact to the wetlands.

Changes to the design of the neighborhood include a reduction in homes so it should be assumed that the plan will move forward with somewhere around that 57 number. Houses will not be directly next to Reams Road and the furthest parts of the neighborhood will be home to a retention pond and park space. The intersection of the community will accommodate the upcoming expansion to Reams and Fiquette Road.

We do our best to stay on top of new development here at wintergardendreamhome.com.  If you’d like to stay in touch or have specific comments or questions please fill the contact form below.  

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