No HOA homes in Winter Garden?  What is an HOA anyway?

Yes, that’s right.  Though it may be hard to believe as you look around Winter Garden’s many gated and non-gated neighborhoods as well as all of the new construction, it is still possible to find a home in Winter Garden without having to pay a HOA (or have what you can do be dictated by one!)

Just what is an HOA anyway?  When you purchase a home (be it condo, townhouse, or single family home) in a gated community, planned unit development, neighborhood, or subdivision, you will most likely have to join the community’s Homeowners’ Association (HOA).  You will have to pay monthly, quarterly, or annual fees for the upkeep of common areas such as a community pools, parks, landscaping, fitness centers, guard gates, and more.   Is the HOA fee optional?  In a word, no.  If you don’t pay your HOA dues, the HOA is completely within their rights to put a lien on your home.  This can cause quite a sticky situation when you try to sell your home and could even lead to the HOA foreclosing on your home before you even get to that point.

This is not to say that HOA communities are not without advantages.  Most HOA communities offer many amenities such as gates to keep unwelcome visitors out of the communities, community parks, playgrounds, and pools, and sometimes even cable or internet services.  They also include landscaping of these common areas and in some instances it includes exterior maintenance of homes such as mowing and sometimes even power washing or painting of the home itself.  Another factor is the HOA architectural standards.  This keeps the looks of the community in line.  An example: this is what keeps your crazy neighbor from painting their home tie-dye or putting gargoyles on the roof.

There are of course, disadvantages as well.  For one, as we mentioned, there is a fee to pay.  This may be anywhere from $50 per month to several thousand dollars a year.  In addition many HOAs do not have the most stellar reputation.  We’ve all heard the story of the HOA charging exorbitant fines for very small mis-steps or taking the sometimes hefty monthly fees and providing zero service.  And of course, many people just want to be left alone or have the freedom to do what they wish with their own home.

So how do you find homes in Winter Garden without an HOA?  Simple, work with a qualified real estate professional who can guide you in your search.  We are happy to assist in finding your next home, whether you want something near Winter Garden’s historic downtown with no HOA or you want to be in a guard gated community with all the bells and whistles.  To get a free list of homes for sale in Winter Garden with no HOA leave us a message below.

Note: some homes may incorrectly indicate that they do not have an HOA due to information being entered incorrectly by the listing agent.  Always be sure to check its status with a professional real estate agent.

Judson and Elizabeth Osbon are Professional Realtors with eXp Realty in Winter Garden, FL

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