Do you really save money with a discount broker?

I wanted to talk to you briefly about discount brokerages.  You know, the ones who say they will list your home at X percent which is typically much lower than what other agents are telling you.  This could also be one of those companies who will list your home on the MLS for a flat fee.  Well, did you know that homes that are listed with discount brokers are historically much more likely to expire?  This means trying to save that extra one or two percent might actually cost you the sale.  That certainly doesn’t save you any money, does it?  The reality is, just about anyone can put a house on the Multiple Listing Service and stick a sign in the yard.  That is not what this business is about. A full-service agent more than makes up for their commission –because they do the work to earn it.  And think about it this way, if you’ve got someone who only knows how to close a deal by giving up a percentage of their own commission, how are they going to negotiate when it comes to negotiating for your money.  Is that really who you want negotiating on your behalf?  No?  I didn’t think so.  Give The Osbon Group at Keller Williams a call today at 407-955-1672 so we can get you the most money for your home!



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